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Intelligent Web Applications

(Web & Mobile Applications, SPA/MPA/PWA)

We build Web and Mobile Applications, Integrate with Conversational Chat/Voice Bot services and build Intelligent Application with AI and Analytics capabilities.

End to end solution Implementation
Re-engineering & Digital Transformation
 Integrate, Build Platform for Enterprise-level solution
 Integrate, Build Platform for Enterprise-level solution
Build Intelligent Application by applying AI/Analytics
We have expertise in following areas

MEAN and MERN – MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS / ReactJS, NodeJS

.NET 1.0 Core, Java, HTML5, Grails / Spring MVC

Native/Ionic framework for Mobile device

MVC (Model View Controller) Arch1itecture

Artificial Intelligence

(ML/DL/NLP/Visual Processing/OCR-ICR)

We build AI Applications by providing services such as AI Roadmap Definition, Model Development, Training, Tuning, Annotation (Natural Language /Visual/labelling), OCR, ICR services etc.

Data Mining and Analytics: Anomaly detection, Association Rules, Predictions
Text Analysis: Spam filtering, Sentiment analysis, Information extraction
Machine Learning algorithms used to make predictions on the data pattern
Speech Recognitions, Natural Language Processing and Image/Video Processing
We have expertise in following areas

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language
Processing, Computer Vision, Visualization.

Conversational AI.

Python utilizing Machine Learning libraries e.g. Tensorflow, Keras, Pandas,
Numpy, NLTK, Scikit-learn, Universal Sentence Encoder, BERT.

R, Spark, Hadoop, Kafka, SQL, NoSQL (MongoDB, Cassandra,

Pentaho, Jasper, Power BI.

Cloud and Infrastructure Transformation

We Optimise Infrastructure by providing services such as Cloud Assessment & Roadmap, Cloud Deployment & Migration, Cloud Support & Monitoring, DevOps, Automation, Security Assessments, Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) services etc.

 Implement – Managed Co-location / Cloud / On-Premise
Monitoring, Remote and Onsite Support
Automation – Analyse and Automate the regular jobs, and Extend it towards providing Software Defined Infrastructure services
DevOps to Automate processes between Development and Operations
Comprehensive security such as anti-virus software and firewalls, Virtual Cloud etc
We have expertise in following areas

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Services


Integrations, BPA, RPA

We have expertise in Business Process Automation (Enterprise Integration, BPM, API Management etc.), Robotics Process Automation  (RPA) services, Automation, OCR, ICR services.

Data Mining and Analytics: Anomaly detection, Association Rules, Predictions
Handle high-volume, repeatable tasks that previously required humans to perform
Human resource, Finance, Procurement, SCM, Customer experience, Legal process
ICR/OCR Services
We have expertise in following areas

Partnership and Implementation using JiffyRPA (Option3/Paanini), Automation Anywhere, UiPath, Accure AI

OCR/ICR Services

How We Develop?

Execution – Agile Scrum Methodology

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